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Custom home, office & Commercial Golf Simulator Specialists & Installer in Calgary, Canada

Projects Gallery- Custom GolfSim Simulators

Pictures tell a thousand words! Whether you are doing a DIY install or looking to get your simulator professionally done. Draw inspiration from some of GolfSim's amazing simulator installs. Hopefully you could find something that resembles your vision & your dream golf simulator. If not, we will work with you to design something new and special. And, Don’t forget to check out our review section and see what our clients have to say about GolfSim.

Custom Indoor Golf Simulator and Component Provider in Calgary, Canada

Bring Your Dream Golf Simulator Home!

Residential Installs

1. Bring the ultimate realism & the golf course home! GolfSim taking indoor golf simulator design to the next level.

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Indoor Home Golf Simulator by GolfSim
Home Golf Simulator by GolfSim, Calgary
Residential Home Golf Simulator by GolfSim

Located in a beautiful home in Lynx Ridge, Calgary, this custom home golf simulator is designed above the garage and is accessed through an elevator. This Luxury golf simulator brings ultimate realism to the overall playing experience using custom printed scenic wall papers from client's favorite golf courses. Native 4K laser projector lights up the screen with true to life image while Uneekor eyexo launch monitor provides accuracy and reliability.

Office & Shared Space Installs

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1.0 GolfSim in Office: Small Footprint but Big Impact!

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Golf Simulator for Office Space by GolfSim
Golf Simulator for Office Buildings by GolfSim, Calgary
Golf Simulator for Office by GolfSim

This indoor golf simulator was custom build for staff and clients for use in an office environment. Designed to fit with the décor and style of the office with ability to retract and roll up when not in use. Ultimate entertainment and team building venue. Custom designed and build by GolfSim, Calgary, Canada.

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Commercial Club fitting & Recreational Golf Den, Calgary, AB

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Custom Commercial Golf Simulator bays by GolfSim
Multi Bay Commercial Golf Simulator Install by GolfSim
Commercial Golf Simulator Install by GolfSim

This commercial facility features a 16ft wide x 10ft high golf simulator screen with custom designed wall and ceiling panels. This facility consists of several dedicated studio bays featuring different types of launch monitors for commercial applications, club fitting, and testing by professional staff members. Studio bays feature Skytrak, Flightscope Mevo+, Uneekor EyeXo and GCQuad launch monitors

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Commercial Installs

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