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About Us

GolfSim is dedicated to empower every golfer by providing Industry leading golf simulator technology at their  convenience of home, office or commercial venues.

Custom Golf Simulator Installers, Calgary
Custom Golf Simulator Specialists
Indoor Golf Simulator Specialists
Engineers, Professionals and Builders Passionate About Golf

With Indoor golf Simulators gaining in popularity across the globe, owning an indoor golf simulator has become easier than ever before. And to make your dream come true, you do not have to spend a fortune! Fine tune your swing with data and video analytics, challenge yourself to customized targets, take full swing, play online with others, or invite your buddies’ home for a round of Golf. There is no one design that fits everyone’s needs and budget. We at GolfSim understand the investment you are making in a golf simulator, which is why our golf simulator system can be customized to your space, requirements, and budget.


Whether you want a golf simulator for your home, business or recreation center, the full-service project management team at GolfSim provides a one stop customized solution for all indoor golf Simulator requirements. We will help you turn your space into an awesome and interactive golf simulator experience. So whether you just want to hit a few balls after work or enjoy a weekend with a few rounds of golf with your friends, GolfSim has you covered! Guaranteed top golf experience for all-ages and skill level!

Who We Are

What Sets Us Apart

At GolfSim, our value add is to help you navigate the vast array of simulator components and Install a complete, high-end golf simulator package for you. GolfSim leverages its partnership with several top of the line equipment manufacturers and suppliers around the world to source the best quality materials and bring everything together at a reasonable price point to its customers.

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