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Golf Simulator Enclosure

Free Standing Enclosures

Golf Simulator Wall Panels

Fixed Wall-to-Wall Simulator Bay 

Golf Simulator Retractable Screens

Retractable Golf Simulator Screens

Heavy duty premium curtains

Custom Golf Simulator Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Custom Printed Murals

​Free Standing Golf Simulator Enclosures
Free Standing Golf Simulator Enclosures
  • Stable Metal Conduit Structure.

  • Premium high strength rip proof protective side and top fabric surround the Ultra HD golf simulator screen to catch any errand balls and provide a nice contrast for clear and crisp image.

  • Corner padding adds cushion and minimize ball bounce back.

  • Available in various sizes (Width: 8ft Min and 14ft Max; Depth: 5ft Min. to 10ft. Max). and aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9 and 16:10).

  • Can be custom made to any size.

  • East to install, move and dismantle.

Custom Wall-to-Wall Golf Simulator Screen
Fixed Wall-to-Wall Simulator Bay
  • Semi-Permanent install.

  • Custom fabricated wall-to-wall projection golf impact screen designed to fit your space.

  • Premium plush trim on the sides and top 

  • Frames out the projected image in 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

  • Hides the installation kit and hardware.

  • Provides padding and dampens ball bounce back.

Retractable Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Combination of Premium UHD golf simulator screen & multisport retractable screen system.

  • Suitable for Golf Simulator, home theater, multi-sport simulator (baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse etc.)

  • Fully powered and remote controlled. One click control of all the screens.

  • Perfect for garages, basements, living areas, commercial centers and more!

  • Complete system comes with main projection and two side retractable protection screens, Ceiling protection/netting, ceiling baffles, corner connectors, premium mounting brackets etc.

Golf Simulator Impact Screen

​Heavy duty premium golf simulator curtains
Heavy Duty Premium Golf Simulator Curtains

Sky is the limit in designing the look and feel of your golf simulator room. Golf Simulator curtains should be made of heavy material that can withstand golf ball impact, provide safety & protection, and at the same time integrate with your golf simulator design décor. GolfSim premium golf simulator curtains are custom made to size. Select from the following materials:

Heavy duty premium weighted sound absorber golf simulator curtains. Our golf simulator curtains are extremely opaque and block light from entering through, making them ideal for blocking out light. The material is flame retardant, 100% cotton and machine washable.

Luxury double layered Velvet curtains. Provides extreme durability & extra resistant to impact.

All golf simulator curtains come with pre stitched drapery mounting tape. Curtain tracks, mounting accessories, connectors, hooks etc. are provided.

Wall and Ceiling Panels for indoor golf simulator
Custom Wall Panels

Custom made wall and ceiling panels (2ft x 2ft x 2 inch) wrapped in high strength fabric in color of your choice. 

Each component of our golf simulator wall panels has been selected to accomplish a sleek aesthetic look, while providing a layer of safety, shock absorption, and lasting protection for your space. These panels are custom made for each setup as per exact dimensions for a professional finish. 

GolfSim Simulator Components

Golf Simulator Enclosure Options

Impact Projection Screens
  • Premium high strength Ultra HD golf simulator screen.

  • Made of triple layer heavy-duty impact resistant material.

  • Extremely low bounce back and super quiet.

  • The smoothest surface available on a full impact material specially designed for golf.

  • Material ensures durability and superior image quality (1080P/4K image).

  • Quiets noise from the golf ball hitting the screen with a cushioned central layer.

  • Can handle 250+ mph ball speed.

Ceiling & Wall Protection Options

Custom Printed Murals

Do you dream of teeing off while admiring the lush, ocean-side greens at Pebble Beach? Do you appreciate vintage artwork depicting golf's earlier days? From Pebble Beach to Augusta, your favorite vistas, whatever it is about golf that engages you, whether it's the grace of a golf swing or the beauty of a well-groomed course, GolfSim will work with you to integrate them into your setup.

​Real Feel Country Club Elite Mat
Real Feel Country Club Elite Mat

Country Club Elite® Real Feel‘s Long Dense Fiber System solves the “fat shot problem” most golf mats have.  It is specifically designed to absorb the blow of a golf-shot as true fairway would providing the most realistic feel that a synthetic turf golf mat can.

  • No Bounce

  • Takes A Real Tee

  • Swing Down And Through

  • True Divot Action

Available in 3x5ft, 3x5ft, 5x5ft, 5x8ft and 5x10ft sizes.

 Golf Hitting Mats

Golf Simulator Projector

Selection of appropriate golf simulator projector is critical for achieving an immersive golf simulator playing experience. Choice of projector depends on several factors:

  • Size of the Screen, Screen/image aspect Ratio, ambient lighting, mounting distance between golf simulator screen and the projector (short throw vs. long throw), desired brightness & image resolution (HD, UHD or 4K), laser vs lamp projectors, response time of the projector etc. 

Contact GolfSim at for projector related consultation and special discounted pricing (guaranteed lowest price in the market) on high end BenQ or Panasonic laser golf simulator projectors. 

Golf Simulator Projectors
Gaming PC & Laptops

Golf Simulator requires high end gaming compute power. Don’t go with minimum spec! Future proof your simulator studio. GolfSim works with several leading computer manufacturers and suppliers to source Gaming PC or laptop with top of the line processor & Graphics Card (GPU) which will work with all the major golf simulation software. Selection of computer also depends on image resolution, aspect ratio, and type of projector used in the install. Feel free to contact us for computer specification requirements.

Gaming PC & Laptops
Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Real Feel Country Club Elite Mat

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat 

TrueStrike Golf Mat

TrueStrike Golf Mat

​Fiberbuilt Golf Mat 
Fiberbuilt Golf Mat 

Fiberbuilt studio Mat is designed with ultra-durability and performance in mind to create the ultimate golfing experience. Fiberbuilt golf mats have several options depending on application and feel desired from these golf hitting mats. Select from:

  • Player Preferred Series:  Performance + Feel

  • Fiberbuilt Grass Series: Durability + Injury Prevention

  • Performance Turf Series: Value + Versatility

More details at

​Truestrike Golf Mat
Truestrike Golf Mat

Unlike hard synthetic traditional mats, that often look like grass but don’t play or feel like the fairway. TrueStrike™ Golf Mats have a revolutionary gel-filled divot simulating subsurface, that when struck creates a “ruckable” top surface. This ‘fairway forgiveness’ effect replicates the effects of hitting off a natural fairway by allowing the club head to play down and through the playing surface as it would on turf. 

More details at

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