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  • TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor
  • TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor
  • TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor

TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor

C$16,095.00 Regular Price
C$12,600.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

** Reduced Price: Sale price while it lasts! 


APOGEE is one of the latest and most accurate launch monitor on the market. For every swing taken, APOGEE measures multiple data points from both the Ball and Club. In-game ball flight is always based on real, measured data. APOGEE gathers shot data with a proprietary ultra-highspeed stereoscopic camera system and the all-new INSTANT IMPACT image analysis algorithm. The INSTANT IMPACT program measures information from both Club and Ball, and simulates on-screen shots with no lag or delay.

Only Launch Monitor in the market with builtin Voice Commands.

What's Included

APOGEE Launch Monitor, Calibration Template, Power Cable, CAT6 Cable, Laser Level, Mounting Hardware, Ceiling Mount, Installation Manual, and E6 CONNECT Product Key.

Size Info

APOGEE measures in at 38” (W) x 5 ½ “(H) x 8” (D). APOGEE weighs approximately 22 lbs

What We Measure

Ball Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Direction, Club Head Speed, Club Face Angle, and Club Path.


**Ships from US. Prices excludes import duties, custom fees, VAT and local taxes (if applicable).


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