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  • ProTee-RX Launch Monitor
  • ProTee-RX Launch Monitor

ProTee-RX Launch Monitor

Excluding Sales Tax
Taking Preorder. Expecting delivery summer 2023

Introductory Price: $5900 CAD

The latest and newest systems of ProTee United’s Collection. Vision and A.I. powered high speed ceiling Launch Monitors. The latest technology wrapped in a sleek design and competitive price. Dual high speed camera systems measuring all relevant shot data in a matter of milliseconds with extremely accurate results.

Back right or left mounted, left or right handed players.

Ball Data (measured): Ball Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Total Spin, Spin Axis, Launch Direction, Launch Angle.

Club Data (measured): Club Speed, Club Path, Club Face to Path, Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft.

Flight Data: Flight Path, Apex Height, Apex Time, Total Distance, Carry Distance, Off Line, Air Time, Run, Descent Angle.

Checkout the following RX launch Monitor Video

**Prices excludes import duties, custom fees, VAT and local taxes (if applicable).

**Prices excludes cost for national and international shipping.